What is Female Ejaculation?

female ejaculation

The topic of female ejaculation is rarely discussed. For starters, women are not taught that they are capable of ejaculating. Moreover, the term ejaculation has always been linked to the male orgasm.

Many women (most, probably) do not know they have the ability to ejaculate, many do not know they ejaculate, and many women and men have never even heard the term female ejaculation.

So here’s what female ejaculation is, what it is not, and how it happens.

Many women are not aware they ejaculate. When these women see and feel massive amounts of fluid coming out of their genital area during sex or masturbation, they think they are urinating on themselves or their partners, leading to a lot of shame, confusion, and an inhibited sexual response. Milagros recounts her experience: “I always thought I peed on my husband when I had sex with him, and I was on top. There is always a lot of fluid coming out of me and it drenches him, me, and our bed. We always end up taking a shower after sex. I was casually talking to my friend (Dr. Tanginika Cuascud), and I mentioned to her that I felt very embarrassed over the years because of my belief that I peed on myself each time I had sex. She asked me to describe the fluids and my feeling and she told me I was not peeing, that I was actually squirting. After 19 years of marriage, now I know the truth. I feel like the happiest woman alive now! I wish I would’ve had the courage to speak about this earlier in my life but now I intend to enjoy my orgasms without shame!”

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Some women describe a pressure in the bladder area before they squirt, which prompts them to believe they are about to urinate. These women hold their orgasms for fear of an “accident” during sex, not knowing that what they are feeling is the stimulation of the G-spot followed by squirting. Serene thought she had to urinate every time she had sex. After she discovered that was she was feeling was the stimulation of the G-spot, she was able to relax during sex and enjoy it. “The G-spot orgasm with squirting feels like a pressure in the bladder, actually. It almost feels like you have to pee and after the right stimulation, gushes of liquid start coming out and the feeling is intense, beyond belief! I love to squirt!”

Female ejaculation—also known as “squirting,” “gushing” and “shejaculation”—is a term used to define when women expel liquid from their vaginas or urethras during orgasm. Dr. Jerry De Haan explains that it is estimated that only 10% to 40% of women are capable of ejaculating. The orgasm comes from the stimulation of the G-spot and the response varies from a teaspoon of fluid to gushes of huge amounts of liquid that can gush 10 feet out. According to researchers, the liquid is definitely not urine. Researchers believe the liquid is produced by the paraurethral glands.

The G-spot is a spongy area within the vaginal wall. The spot, which got its name from German gynecologist Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg is located behind the pubic bone and the front of the cervix. The exact location varies by women, but it is presumed that it can be reached via stimulation a few inches inside the vagina towards the front of the pelvis. The G-spot requires firm stimulation that makes it become hard and swollen when blood rushes to it. The stimulation of the G-spot is what is believed to cause female ejaculation. The G-spot can be reached easier with a sex toy or with the help of a partner via manual stimulation or intercourse.


I have noticed to have different kinds of orgasms. The more distinctive ones are the ones that cause vaginal contractions and that often happen via stimulation of the clitoris, and the G-spot orgasm that usually result in squirting. The orgasm that causes the contractions in my vagina feels extremely pleasurable. The other one feels insanely intense. I love them both! —Elisa V., Dallas, TX

For me, all orgasms do not feel the same. Some days the orgasms are more intense than others. Some days there are a lot of contractions going on, some days the contractions are mild and subtle. I am a “squirter,” and it feels amazing! I know exactly where my G-spot is, and I can stimulate it to make myself squirt. My partner and I enjoy it immensely! —Tania B., Dallas, TX

Years ago, Dr. Tanginika Cuascud told me about female ejaculation. She told me what to do to find my G-spot. I did! Now my husband and I enjoy my wet G-spot orgasms and he is very proud that he can make me climax like that. —Serene V., Miami, FL

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