Vajazzling: Vagina Bling, In?

Vagina Bling

Vagina bling is in. But is it for you?

It seems our vaginas have also adopted the notion that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. There was a time not too long ago when hair down there was the only variable to contend with when it came to our goods.

Today, in addition to all the varieties of grooming we know and employ, our nether-petals, too, can enjoy the benefits of some bling. Yes, we live in a world where the iconic crystal company Swarovski has officially joined forces with our crotches, allowing a woman to actually vajazzle if she wants to.

Vajazzling is the act of adorning the vulva area above the clitoris with tiny Swarovski crystals—creating a sparkly, highly stylized pubic zone, which make your privates look less like genitals and more like glamour patches.  Think of it as a tiara for your lady-mound.

Whether you agree or not, there’s no beating around the bush on this one: it seems the vajayjay of today has less hair and more flair.

Vajazzling: Vagina Bling, In?

The crystals, which have a special adhesive on their backs, are hand-placed by a professional to freshly waxed skin. A pattern or design is then created which can last for about five days. You can also choose to become the master of your own pubis by getting your hands on a vajazzling home kit to adorn yourself. There’s a wide variety of kits out on the market, and they typically contain the sticky crystals set in patterns and sanitizing wipes. Completely Bare Spa in New York claims to be the first vajazzler, but there are plenty of suppliers out there to explore.


  1. First, wax or shave to prep the area. Waxing is recommended since it lasts longer. Make sure the skin is clean and dry. If your skin is irritated, wait until it clears up.
  2. Peel the film carefully from the backing. The top of the Swarovski crystals should stick to the clear film. The bottom of the crystals, with the adhesive, should be exposed.
  3. If any crystals stick to the white bottom, they can later be applied with tweezers.
  4. Line up the pattern as you desire.
  5. Press firmly and hold for a few seconds.
  6. The pattern should last a few days. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing that can  rub the stones off. Loose fitting pants work best.

There is nothing particularly painful about vajazzling, nor does it pose any serious health risk. Though bear in mind what Dr. Suzanne Merrill-Nach recently noted in a Time health-related story about possible infections. She says that while waxing and shaving intimate areas already poses a risk for infection due to ingrown hairs, applying glue to raw, freshly waxed skin may even increase this risk by trapping bacteria. “If you’re putting glue on skin that’s raw from being waxed, you’re really creating a nice environment for bacteria to grow,” Dr. Merrill-Nach observed.

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If you’ve got more Morticia than Marilyn vibes down there, consider a “vattoo,” also known as temporary tattoos for your vagina.  Vattooing is done by applying an airbrush tattoo to the area after a Brazilian Bikini Wax. Like a proper vajazzling, a vattoo can also last up to five days.

Think if of it as mascara on steroids..  The more the merrier seems to be the go-to rule for flutter-happy ladies who feel more glamorous when their lashes are enhanced.  Like vajazzling, lash extensions usually come with the adhesive built-in, so it’s really just a question of careful application. Eyelash extensions aren’t just for drag queens anymore.

Not only can you bedazzle the area around your—ahem—“vertical smile,” you can also doll up your actual horizontal smile, using tooth gems. Whether heart-shaped or diamond cut, all you need is one little gem to sparkle.