17 Things Guys Do That Turn Women Off

17 Things Guys Do That Turn Women OffWe’ve all been there. Whether in a romantic or potentially romantic moment, or in the throes of a full-blown relationship, we’ve all witnessed some behavior and habits in men that are enough to kill either the moment or the entire affair. Are we too picky? Maybe. But every woman has her limits, and there are some things that are just intolerable.

No list is universal, but here are 17 of the most common, cringe-worthy things a guy can do to turn women off.

1. He only talks about himself. A man who shows no interest beyond himself is a turn off, and leaves the woman in his life tired and bored. Women need to connect with men—they do this mostly through communication. A woman needs to feel the man cares and he shows this by asking questions about her that have nothing to do with him!

2. He holds a dinner knife like a dagger. Table manners still make a big impression, even if we live in a society which is slowly and unfortunately losing its fundamental values of etiquette. How he eats at the table can be very telling to the person sitting in front of him.

3. He hops in the car and doesn’t bother to unlock your door. This is plain selfish and lazy. Women’s equality may dictate that a man no longer opens a woman’s car door first, but it doesn’t negate manners. Women still like to be treated as if they are special and this little forgetful act can kill the thrill.

4. He belches just for fun. This is awful unless it is an uncontrollable slip. Of course we are all human and do burp, but doing it for entertainment is not exactly sexy.

5. He goes au naturel and skips deodorant. Green may be in, but there are plenty of natural products that can keep him smelling clean and fresh. They don’t need to skip deodorant to secrete those all-important pheromones.

6. He’s got bad breath. Imagine having a first kiss derailed because of halitosis! Sometimes a guy can’t help it, but there are many products on the market to keep breath fresh. A visit to the dentist may be in order.

7. His fingernails are longer than yours. Unless the guy is a professional guitar player, he shouldn’t have fingernails longer than his date’s. That’s just weird and a little gross.

8. He goes to the bathroom with the door open. Acting natural and familiar doesn’t include having your significant other share his most personal moments on the toilet. Certain things are not worth sharing.

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9. He likes to get drunk. Enough said.

10. He boasts about his past affairs. This just makes most women want to get up and leave. This is beyond rude. A man who shares his intimate sexual past with a new woman is headed for a very lonely intimate sexual present.

11. He badmouths his ex. Trashing an ex at every chance shows how it might go with if the two of you were ever to part ways.

12. He constantly checks himself in the mirror. No woman wants to compete with her man over who looks the best.We already do enough of that with other women! Fighting over a mirror is no fun.

13. He eyes other women while out with you. Of course men look at other women and women look at other men. But if a guy gives himself whiplash every time an attractive woman passes, it can leave us feeling unattractive. It also shows lack of respect.

14. He doesn’t flush. Apparently it happens! Maybe they get too involved checking email or updating their Facebook status on their smartphones that they forget to flush. Or they expect you to flush for them?

15. He lies. Once trust is broken, women don’t forget. A woman’s heart becomes wary and cold at the thought of betrayal.

16. He baby-talks in bed. Some women might find this sweet, but it actually kills the passion for most.

17. He wears socks to bed. Two words: Not. Sexy.

Now, before we’re accused of being too sexist, we women also indulge in some very unattractive habits that turn men off. Stay tuned for that list!