15 Reasons Why Everyone Should Experience a Passover Seder at Least Once

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Redemption is awesome. Which is why everyone should bear witness to the ritual made famous by Jews around the world for centuries that celebrates a people’s redemption from slavery into freedom. Time.com reported in 2011 that “the Freedom Seder emerged in the mid–20th century as a joint celebration for both ethnic groups (blacks and Jews), [...]

As Black History Month Comes to a Close Mamiverse Continues to Celebrate Diversity

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My school years during the 70s and 80s were filled with diversity. After spending my early childhood in the United States, I was fortunate to attend a British school in Spain. It was more of an international school, a melting pot of races, religions, languages and ethnicities. Although our principal was an Anglican priest, we [...]

5 Books to Celebrate Black History Month

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For most Latin American countries, Africa has had a major influence on their culture, music, and history. Researching all the fabulous titles in print for Black History Month immediately brought to mind a number of Afro-Latinos who have made significant contributions to our nation’s history. The blend of cultures that occurred in this hemisphere created [...]

Why We Still Need Black History Month

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Last February, I asked my older kids how they were commemorating Black History Month at school. Both children gave me blank stares. “My teachers haven’t even mentioned it,” said my 10-year-old daughter. “What’s Black History Month?” asked my 8-year-old son. Although I was disappointed by their responses, I was not surprised. Celebrating Black History Month [...]

Three Kings Day Menu for a Special Day

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Three Kings Day is celebrated in many Latin countries on January 6. And, as with any Latin celebration, food takes center stage. My Three Kings Day Menu has some of the dishes my abuelita would serve on this day, which happens to be her birthday. This year, she is turning 97. All of these dishes are from [...]

Latino Traditions & Superstitions for the New Year

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Latino traditions & superstitions for the New Year vary from those in the US! When I first came to the United States from Mexico, people made fun of me because I had my superstitions all wrong. I used to fear martes y trece, instead of Friday the Thirteenth. I thought a black cat had to [...]

Faith & Tradition: Mexico’s Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Faith & Tradition: Mexico’s Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Every December 12, Catholics all over the world, especially in Latin America, celebrate the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. But in Mexico, this day is one of the most important holidays of the year. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico, where she is known as La Reina de Mexico and [...]

Holiday Treats: The Best Buñuelos Recipe


I love sweets! They have always been my favorite. It doesn’t really matter what kind they are, as long as they are sweet, I’m pretty much a happy camper. When I was younger I actually used to help my mom make buñuelos on special occasions. Christmas and New Year’s Eve were especially great times for [...]

No, Latinas Are Not All These Things!

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Nobody wants to be compared to hot tamales, guys. 1. Spicy/Saucy/Feisty Can a Latina woman bitch about something all normal humans complain about without being called “spicy” or “feisty?” Literally everyone hates bad weather. Read Related: 14 Things Not To Say To A Latina, Ever! 2. Hot-Blooded or Caliente As opposed to what, being cold? [...]

Day of The Dead: What it Really Means in Mexico

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In the U.S., Mexico’s Day of the Dead has evolved into an unusually hip holiday where people celebrate by dressing in black, painting their faces like skulls, and dancing around like they’re Diego Rivera or Frida Khalo. In some places Day of the Dead is going the way of Cinco de Mayo. Corona with lime, [...]