Dads & Their Diaper Disasters

Dads & Their Diaper Disasters-SliderPhoto

We men like to maintain a facade of unflappability. Nothing… not the daily commute, a backed-up toilet, or the new puppy eating the brand new sofa, can upset our personal apple cart. Well, guys, it’s time to come clean (literally) because, deep down inside, all men know that there is one thing that can shatter [...]

Spring Cleaning for Your Baby

Spring Cleaning For Your Baby-NFO

Spring cleaning is a common practice for many families. We often take extra time to dust, clean closets, and shampoo upholstery in the spring but, when we have a baby, there are some special spring cleaning procedures that should be added to our to do lists! CHECK FOR RECALLS Believe it or not, there are [...]

Top 5 Breast Pumps

Top 5 Breast Pumps-NFO

I had the hardest time when I started breastfeeding my baby. Not because I didn’t have enough colostrum for him—quite the contrary—but because, as a first-time mom, I felt clumsy and frustrated every time I had to feed him. Was I doing it the right way? It turned out I wasn’t. Because I didn’t want [...]

Best Alternative Teething Remedies

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Acetaminophen overdose is a common occurrence in American households. More recently, Ibuprofen formulas and dosages have been criticized and revamped to avoid confusion leading to over and under medicating infants and children. Dosage error is just one of the harmful aspects of these medications and yet, there are very few alternatives recommended by our children’s [...]

How a Man Feels When He Learns His Wife Is Expecting

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When a man learns that his wife or partner is expecting, his life changes completely. Recently a student of mine, a 30-year old woman, announced, in shock, in class, that she was pregnant. What she said, and how she said it, almost in agony, brought me back to my early manhood and prompted me to [...]

Breastfeeding Through Mastitis

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Last week, I felt a little clog in my right breast. No big deal; I have an oversupply of milk so I get a little backed up from time to time—nothing some massage in a hot shower can’t take care of. But this time was different. At yoga that morning, I felt a little lightheaded [...]

Six Sexy Ways to Get Your Man to Babysit

Six Sexy Ways to Coax Your Man Into Babysitting

You need to get your spouse to babysit! Here’s how! A small child is a bundle of joy for sure, but sometimes all that joy can be overwhelming, and hey, we need a break! Nannies are nice, but who can afford them 24/7? Daycare? Well yes, but that’s a Monday through Friday solution, a workday [...]

Caught on Camera: Devil Baby Attack!

Devil Baby Attack

A frighteningly realistic animatronic Devil Baby took his remote control stroller on a rampage through the streets of New York City this week. Hidden cameras caught the hysterical, horrified reactions of innocent passersby as even jaded New Yorkers were fooled by this tiny terror. Related Video: The Angriest Babies in the World Devil Baby was created [...]

Toddler Shock: Meeting Her Father’s Twin

Toddler Meets Father's Twin

Watching this adorable toddler as she struggles to absorb the shock of meeting a man who looks just like dad is absolutely priceless. For more fantastic MamiTV videos and content, visit Mamiverse! Related Video: Hilarious! Dad Reenacts Dinner Conversation with His 2-Year-Old

New Year, New Moms, New Babies: A Gift Guide

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Did you know that more babies are born in the September than in any other month? That’s because between the cold weather and the holiday cheer, a lot of couples find extra “cuddle time” in December and January! So to salute all this year’s impending arrivals, we present this gift guide for new moms and [...]