Get Your Kids Excited About School After Spring Break

Get Your Kids Excited About School After Spring BreakAh, spring break. Kids look forward to this week-long vacation almost as much as they do their winter or summer vacation. Parents may look forward to the end of spring break, so that everyone can go back to their routines. Chances are your kids aren’t that excited about heading back to school after some time off. But believe it or not, you can help them look forward to resuming their studies, and even keep them excited about school during their days off!

Count down the days until school starts again. You may be thinking, What kids want to count down until they go back to school again? But why not? It’s exciting in itself to count the days until they see their teacher and friends once more. The day we begin spring break, I remind my boy that there are 10 days until he goes back, and he takes over from there. He counts every day that passes. He knows he will be going back to work on test preparation, but he’ll also return to his friends and fun!

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Don’t break routines. Children can relax during vacations but they can also complete small tasks that reinforce skills taught in school. For example, my third grader practices his reading comprehension during spring break by going on With fun but educational activities, your kids are brushing up on their skills and enjoying the break. Everybody wins!

Stay in touch with friends via email, text, and even snail mail. This is a great way for your children to strengthen their writing skills while maintaining communication with friends. They can keep each other abreast of what is going on during the break and share exciting news. This adds anticipation for when they return to school and see each other again.

Have your children complete all homework. Remind your children how important it is for the learning process to continue at home. Make it an important task to complete any homework or projects they’ve been assigned during spring break. If it’s a priority for you, it will be a priority for them.

Share a spring break gift. Help your child pick out a simple, inexpensive gifts (bookmarks, erasers) for his classmates that will serve as a welcome back present. Imagine how excited your child will be to return to school with gifts for friends. He’ll be looking forward to going back and sharing something special with others.

As parents, we never want our children to lose their love for school, even during a vacation. And with some creativity, your kids might be almost as enthused about going back to school as they were for the start of spring break.