You Got Mail! Make Checking the Mailbox Fun for Your Kids

You Got Mail! Make Checing the Mailbox a Memorable ExperienceI can still remember, as a kid, how exciting it was to open the mailbox and find something addressed just to me. And when it came in a padded brown envelope or a box, it was like winning the lottery. You can still create those special moments for your kids by signing up for one or more of these offers, which are sure to keep them checking the mailbox year-round.

Check out these fun, interesting, and free ways to create deliveries for your kids.

T-shirts for Turning Pages
This one will take a little work, but the payoff is increased self-confidence and some well-deserved bragging rights! The Mensa Education & Research Foundation has developed the Mensa for Kids Excellence in Reading Award Program in order to promote the benefits of reading. By reading a specified list of books, your child can earn a commemorative certificate recognizing his or her achievement as well as an Excellence in Reading t-shirt.

You Got Mail! Make Checing the Mailbox a Memorable Experience

Birthday Clubs
Who (under 40, that is) doesn’t like being the focus of attention on his or her birthday? You can view a comprehensive list of birthday clubs here, but to speed things up, here’s a quick list of kid-friendly birthday clubs that seem to do a bit more than the others:

U.S. Scenic Map
Order this interesting and educational fold-out map from The National Scenic Byways Program. Once your child has it, why not use it to plan your next vacation?

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The Little BIG Book of Lions
Not only is it fun to read, but the incorporated interactive multiple choice quiz offers an opportunity to learn as well.

You Got Mail! Make Checking the Mailbox a Memorable ExperienceEndangered Species Coloring Book
Save Our Species is a 28-page picture coloring book which will introduce you and your child to 21 endangered animals and plants. You can download it from the United State Environmental Protection Agency or order a free bound copy by calling the National Service Center for Environmental Publications at 1-800-490-9198.

Bilingual Childrens’ Books
By emphasizing family reading time, Read Conmigo hopes to foster an improved learning environment by increasing parental involvement in their children’s education, and to promote bilingualism by making it easy for parents to obtain bilingual children’s books for free. After registering, you’ll receive one free book per month. The books available are in Spanish and English, and are geared towards children in grades K-5.

You Got Mail! Make Checking the Mailbox a Memorable Experience

Sesame Street® For Me, for You, for Later™ Kit
This free bilingual, multimedia kit includes a guide for parents, a children’s activity book, three jar labels, and a Sesame Street® DVD that featuring Elmo, Cookie Monster, and all their friends as Elmo learns the basics of spending, saving, and sharing. You can obtain the kit, sponsored by PNC Bank’s Grow Up Great Program, by calling 1-877-762-4769.

For LEGO Fans
Sign up for a free two-year subscription to LEGO Club Magazine. The magazine, full of comic adventures, puzzles, and activities, will be mailed to your home six times a year (January, March, May, July, September, and November in the U.S). If your child is under 7, he or she will automatically receive the junior edition. You can preview both editions online prior to subscribing.

You Got Mail! Make Checing the Mailbox a Memorable Experience

More Free Books
Through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program and various local community sponsors, you may be able to have a specially selected, high quality, age-appropriate book mailed to your child each month. Whether or not you qualify will depend on if there is a sponsor for your community. Find out by entering your zip code at the beginning of the registration process, or by finding your local affiliate on this map.

In this day and age, we’re used to the instant responses and immediate gratification by downloading from the Internet. So be warned that most of these items will take a week or two to get to you. But remember, good things come to those who wait.