Why Sex Beats Botox And Makes You Look Younger!

Sex has many health benefits. Besides being an excellent and pleasurable stress reliever, sex may be one more weapon for women to stay younger. Joan Collins, star of the 80’s hit TV series Dynasty, claims that sex is one of her anti-aging beauty secrets. Scientific evidence asserts that the benefits of sex may help us remain younger, more active, and have a better quality of life well into our elder years. Sex is an effective anti-aging treatment because of its many benefits:

Frown Less, Smile More: Endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that act as an analgesic and give us a feeling of well-being, are produced by the brain during sex and especially during orgasms. Moreover, strenuous activity, including active sex sessions, boost endorphin production and can lead to feelings of euphoria and happiness, similar to what is commonly known as a “runner’s high.” These “good feelings” may make you not only look happier, but younger, as you may frown less and smile more. Thus, sex may be a cheaper alternative (and a more fun one) than Botox!
I do feel better about myself when I have more sex. I think it shows. Sometimes, especially when sex is good, I feel like I’m walking on air and it shows! —Linda C., Tucson, AZ

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Restorative Sleep: Oxytocin is a hormone that acts as a neuromodulator in the brain. Oxytocin, besides being an important hormone that assists childbirth and facilitates breastfeeding, is also known as the love hormone. Oxytocin is produced during orgasm, thus improving bonding and reducing anxiety. Moreover, oxytocin has anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping to heal wounds. Additionally, the production of high levels of oxytocin aids in social bonding and may assist in achieving deeper and more restorative levels of sleep, thus allowing the body to regenerate cells and helping us look more refreshed and younger looking. Oxytocin is increased during sexual arousal and leads to feelings of contentment and calmness that shows off on your face.

Improved Fitness: Besides releasing “make-you-feel-good” hormones, sex helps with improving fitness by assisting with calorie and fat burning. Improved fitness assists in maintaining or building muscle tone, helping you look younger and more vibrant. Conversely, better fitness increases stamina, which could lead to better and hotter sex!
When I exercise, I feel better about myself, and I get more energy and confidence to have more sex, and I do! —Leila M., Palm Springs, CA

Wrinkle Eraser: A study conducted by Dr. David Weeks and Jamie James among 3,500 European and American women over a 10-year span found that women who had active sexual lives had more youthful looks. The participants of the study who were perceived as being “superyoung” reported that they engaged in sex at least three times a week, as opposed to the women in the control group who engaged in sex an average of twice a week.  Moreover, scientists found that women who had more sex had fewer wrinkles.

Younger Heart: In 2002, British researchers found a correlation between having sex more than twice a week and a lower risk of having a heart attack. Sex increases cardiovascular activity which can strengthen your heart. A younger heart makes you feel less tired, have more energy and stamina, thus making you feel younger.

Love Yourself More: An active sex life can improve your self-esteem. Consequently, an enhanced self-esteem will make you feel better about yourself and can lead to enhanced social relationships. Moreover, better social relationships can help you achieve a better quality of life, thus giving you an enhanced feeling of overall well-being.
When I have sex, I feel better about myself, thus I want to take better care of myself. I feel more energized and motivated to exercise, which also boosts my energy. And when I feel better about my body, I am usually better in bed. —Rebecca R., Dallas, TX

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The Botox of the Future: A study at Graz University in Austria found that spermidine, a compound found in human sperm, has anti-aging effects on cells. The researchers found that spermidine slowed the aging process of flies, mice, worms, yeast, and human blood cells by protecting them from the damage of free radicals. Furthermore, spermidine was found to reverse cellular damage and aging. Although how to use spermidine as an anti-aging compound needs to be further studied, this information is certainly promising.

Sex, besides being a form of reproduction, is also a way of improving your appearance. Healthy sexual relationships can be very fulfilling, and as an added bonus, can be a less expensive and more pleasurable way to the fountain of youth. So next time you have sex, not only think about how good it will feel, but take a look in the mirror and enjoy looking at a younger-looking you!

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