Downloadable ‘Dear Reyes’ Letter #BilingualPlus

Downloadable ‘Dear Reyes’ Letter-MainPhoto
For many Latino families, Día de los Reyes inspires just as big a celebration in the home as Christmas. The excitement begins the night of January 5, when children set out their shoes for the Magi to fill with presents.

Or they prepare boxes of grass as a gift for the Magi’s camels in the hopes that they will be refilled with little gifts left by the three wise men in thanks. For some, a visit from Los Reyes Magos rivals (or takes the place of) Santa Claus.

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We’ve put together a letter template to the Magi—one in Spanish and one in English—for your child to use when composing his own wish list. Just download and print up the version you’d like to use. Then help your child fill it out some time before the Magi’s visit on January 6. To add to the fun and save you ink, we’ve designed it in black and white so your child can even color it in! When he’s finished, simply have him leave the letter tucked into one of his shoes or the box of grass that he leaves out for the Magi to fill.

Dear Reyes’ Letter Template-English
‘Dear Reyes’ Letter Template-Spanish