Miss Bum Bum Brazil Pageant: Proud of their Booty? Or Pure Exploitation?

Miss Bum Bum BrazilThere are a million and one beauty pageants in Latin America to celebrate Latina beauty. At the tail end of the contest spectrum, there’s the Miss Bum Bum Brazil Pageant, where over 500 candidates from all over Brazil compete, but where only one, the 25-year-old Rosana Ferreira, grabbed the prize for having the best booty of 2011. While many of us view this sort of thing as pure exploitation, on par with adult entertainment industry aesthetics, could this actually be empowering to Latinas who need to feel good about their full backsides—especially when comparing their curvier bum bums to the bony ones seen on fashion runways, and then feeling badly about it?

Yes, our feminist flags went up with news of this pageant, butt (not a typo) let’s face it, Brazil is known for a lot more than their unstoppable soccer players and potent Caipirinhas: It’s famous for its butt-olatry. Hell, they’re so in love with the full, round derrieres of their people, Brazilians went ahead and invented the dental floss tanga, albeit a wedge nightmare for most. Ferreira noted at the press conference that she owes her winning rear not only to her parents’ genes, but also to a special diet and workout routine. (Darn, she works for it). Ferreira was also aware that a Miss Bum Bum has to be well-rounded: “As for the intellectual side, I know I need to improve a little,” said Ferrerira.

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While it’s not clear if Ferreria’s gluteus maximus is 100 percent natural, given Rio is the plastic surgery capital of the world, she did announce that a portion of the money she won would go to new silicone prosthesis for her breasts and another postiche. Alas, all natural she’s not. But if she did have any backside surgery done, let’s hope she went to the best certified doctor in Brazil, since this type of surgery is one of the most dangerous types of procedures. Many U.S. Latinas are unfortunately dying for larger, sexier bums on the cosmetic surgery black market with scam artists who are injecting cement and Super Glue into customers’ backsides for less money.

Do most Latinas have butt complexes? We’d say yes. Whether you’re proud of it, ashamed of it, hiding it, or wearing transparent tights disguised as leggings like Sofia Vergara to show yours off, don’t let your bum bum go flabby, exercise it! You don’t want to be left behind when it comes to feeling good about yourself, from top to bottom.

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