Men Fake Orgasms Too! Here’s How to Tell When a Guy is Faking

Men Fake Orgasms Too! Here’s How to Tell When a Guy is Faking-MainPhoto
Contrary to popular belief, men—just like women—don’t climax each and every time they have sex. They don’t always reach orgasms easily. If and when men orgasm has as much to do with sexual responsiveness as it does with delayed ejaculation, compatibility between partners, skill level and technique, and anatomy. And just like women, men fake orgasms, too.

Take a big penis, for an example. Some women cannot handle an anaconda. Vaginas are built differently therefore some cannot take it all in, which makes it difficult for a bigger man to orgasm. Then there is speed. I have been very honest about my aversion to jackrabbit sex. Yet, some men cannot climax if the motion in the ocean is as smooth as a sail on a catamaran.

So, what is a man to do when he realizes he isn’t going to orgasm? Fake it.

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An AskMen survey polled 49,000 men and found that 34% of men have faked it at least once. How do men fake it? Not much differently than women. Here are some telltale signs that he is faking an orgasm:

His Big O Face Isn’t So Big
When a man orgasms, his face usually contorts. He may open his mouth. His eyes may roll back. His lips may twitch. There is usually some indication that he has ejaculated. So, if he looks unpleased or has a plastered grimace on his face, he’s probably faking it.

Eye Contact—or Lack Thereof
He says he’s going to come. When he does, he looks at the ceiling or the wall. If he turns away from you that may be an indication that he may have faked it. He’s hiding his face so you don’t notice his lack of twitching!

Last-Minute Sex Position Switch
You and your honey are getting it on missionary style when, suddenly, he turns you doggy style and orgasms. He only pumped once and then…it’s over. This is another tactic to hide his face. It is an easy way to fake orgasms, as there is no face-to-face contact.

Not everyone makes noise when having sex, but most of us do when climaxing. Whether it’s an “ooh” or an “ah” or a call to God almighty, we call out because we feel so good. If you can hear the crickets outside your window, well, you know.

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Body Language
Muscle tension is often necessary for an orgasm. Contracting certain muscles increases blood flow, which is what causes arousal. Hence our bodies contract when we climax. This is why our toes curl! If he has no biological and physical sign of release, then he’s probably faking it.

He Took the Condom Off Too Quickly
When faking it, men usually dispose of the condom quickly. There is no cuddling or resting after orgasm. He may literally throw you off him, yank off his condom, and run to the bathroom to hide it deep in your trash can or flush it down the toilet. The red flag isn’t the disposal of the condom, but his immediate reaction to get rid of evidence that shows there was no ejaculation.

So, go off into the world of sex with these pointers in mind. Remember, men and women aren’t that different. Even doing it and doing it well may not lead to orgasm. Just as it doesn’t always happen for us, it doesn’t always happen for them, either.