Medical Myth Buster: Sweating Helps You Lose Weight Faster

Medical Myth Buster: Sweating Helps You Lose Weight FasterMyth: It’s a common belief that extreme sweating will help you get rid of toxins faster, and therefore lose weight faster.

The rationale is that because a high percentage (75%) of our body weight is water, losing some of that weight through sweating will help dieters slim down. It will, but the results are superficial and only temporary.

Bust: Although you may actually weigh or measure less right after a sweaty session of Bikram Yoga, the results are short-lived and not an effective way to lose weight. That weight you lost will be back as soon as you replenish the water you lost.

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Extreme sweating not only is ineffective but dangerous to your health as well. Depleting your body’s precious water reserves this way can cause dehydration, loss of vital minerals and electrolytes, cause severe kidney damage and cardiovascular problems, among other health problems.

Fact: Only sweating the old-fashioned way, the way nature intended (through regular exercise) helps to burn calories, reduce weight and release toxins.