A Quick Guide to Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation guide

Some women have experienced what is called female ejaculation. Female ejaculation, also referred to as squirting, gushing, and shejaculation, happens when women expel liquid from their vaginas and or urethras during orgasm. Although only few women admit to ejaculating, it is estimated that 10-40% of women are capable of squirting, according to Dr. Jerry De Haan. Although the topic of female ejaculation may sound new for many, Dr. Jonna B. Korda and colleagues, in a study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, assert that references to female ejaculation in medicine and psychology date back thousands of years ago.

The topic of female ejaculation is undoubtedly fascinating for both women and men. The good news is that women can learn to squirt. But first, let’s go over the mechanics of female ejaculation.

The G-spot is a spongy area within the vaginal wall. The spot, which got its name from German gynecologist Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg is located behind the pubic bone and the front of the cervix. The exact location varies by women, but it is presumed that it can be reached via stimulation a few inches inside the vagina towards the front of the pelvis. The G-spot requires firm stimulation that makes it become hard and swollen when blood rushes to it. The stimulation of the G-spot is what is believed to cause female ejaculation. The G-spot can be reached easier with a sex toy or with the help of a partner via manual stimulation or intercourse.

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What you will need (one or more of these):

7 Steps to Female Ejaculation

1. Explore. First of all, explore your body and learn about your anatomy. Look at your genitalia and admire it. Study your vulva and where everything is, not only by touching, but also by looking. Be aware of how everything looks and how touching yourself feels until you are comfortable. Also, touch your body and learn where you like to be touched, what feels right, and what arouses you. Nothing is off-limits. It is your body so learn to enjoy it without guilt or shame. If you feel guilty about your sexual enjoyment, you will either not be able to reach an orgasm, or you will carry that guilt and shame after you reach and orgasm. Best to let go of the guilt.

2. Arouse. Allow yourself to feel aroused. Feel how your arousal levels increase. Become aroused with your own touch or with the touch of your partner. Don’t rush to penetration just yet (with your fingers, a sex toy, or strap-on). Instead, enjoy the sensations and the increasing arousal during the process.

3. Find. Find your G-spot. Remember it is located approximately three inches inside your vagina, towards the front of your pelvis. It may be hard for you to find the G-spot by yourself with your fingers. In that case, commission your partner to help you or use a G-spot stimulator.

4. Stimulate. Once you or your partner have reached the approximate location of the G-spot, begin stimulating it. You may feel a sensation that you have to pee. Be assured that this pressure is normal and pee will not come out.

5. Relax. The more you relax, the better able you are to have an ejaculation. Some women tense up for fear they will urinate during the act, which may prevent ejaculation. Rather, just accept the sensations as normal. Do not be afraid of the reaction of your partner if you have one. This is your process and your partner is there to help you and to support you.

6. Enjoy. Accept and let yourself go. If assisted by a partner, ask for what you need (faster, slower, right there, up, down). When you feel you are about to explode, just abandon yourself to the sensations and fully embrace the orgasm and the wetness. Either a large or small amount of liquid may come out. The most important thing is that squirting can be a very powerful orgasm. If you haven’t experienced it before, it may blow your mind.

7. Practice. Do not stress over the process. Some women squirt easily and others need some practice to learn. Once you know where your G-spot is, keep practicing until you are able to squirt. Once you do, keep practicing and learn what sexual positions and what kinds of stimulation can lead to the desired outcome.

If you are among the women who already experience this type of orgasm, consider yourself very lucky. If you are interested in learning, practice and do not give up until you master it. The feeling will be O-spectacular!

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Squirting does not feel as a clitoris orgasm. The sensation is more powerful. —Lorna R., Dallas, TX

My husband and I were determined to make me squirt. After much practice, I ejaculated. At first, I would try to hold it because it felt like I had to pee. He encouraged me to let myself go. Finally, one day, I squirted. Now I do it all the time. —Selena G., Miami, FL

I am able to ejaculate at times but not all the time. It all depends on how aroused I am, how hydrated I am, how relaxed I am. Sometimes a lot comes out, sometimes very little comes out. But I always enjoy it! —Cynthia C., San Juan, PR

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