Empowering & Inspirational Gifts for Women

Empowering & Inspirational Gifts for WomenOne of my students once told me that his dad’s advice for giving gifts to women was: Never something with a plug. Depending on what the plug belongs to (a vacuum cleaner vs. an e-reader), that probably isn’t bad advice. But sometimes we could use more suggestions. Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for all the women in your life? Do you want to see them embrace body, soul, and self-love? This inspired guide has plenty of options for gifts that promote self-love while exemplifying how much you love the recipient. So shop on—for your loved ones and you!

Be Yourself Paperweight ($36) • Want to remind a young woman in your life just how important it is to follow her own voice? Pick up this pewter paperweight (made in Rhode Island) that reminds her to always be herself.

You are Loved Designs (prices vary) • Back in the 1990s, I was a high school teacher. Whenever my best teaching friend, Julie, and I departed each other’s classrooms, we would look over our shoulder and declare, “You are loved.” Today, Julie is still a high school teacher and an entrepreneur with her business, You are Loved Designs (I have no financial interest in this company; I just love the product!). These bright products declare everything from You are Loved to You are Beautiful and can be easily read in the mirror. Pick up a onesie, shirt or beverage cup that offers a positive affirmation through the power of mirror image and know that your viewpoint will always be seen by your loved one.

The Gratitude of Lacking Nothing Necklace ($55) • What happens when you realize that you actually lack nothing that you need? Anything becomes possible. Remind your loved one of her power with this beautiful sterling silver charm necklace.

Feel More Better Shirt (prices vary) • With messages that declare everything from Not Photoshopped to You Be You and I’ll Be Me, these stylish, positive t-shirts of various styles project just the right message.

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Four Seasons Love Mugs ($98) • If you have a tea or coffee lover in your life, opt for this set of four beautifully hand-painted ceramic mugs that celebrate the changing seasons while professing your love. These handmade beauties were made by artists in Vermont.

Walk with Beauty Necklace ($100) • This stylish yellow bronze dog tag hanging from a long sterling silver cable chain issues a powerful reminder to its wearer: Walk with Beauty.

Cooking Class • Spark creativity, self-care, and nurturing with a gift certificate for a cooking class. Try your local farmer’s market, cooking supplies store, or continuing education program to find options.

Karina Dress (prices vary) • With a tagline: “dresses for every body”, these beautiful dresses that are designed and made in New York make every woman feel stylish, unique, and beautiful. Give her a dress that loves her body so that she can, too. Use promo code MOLR30 for $30 off a regular priced dress.