Mompreneur Spotlight: Celebrity Chef Melissa Guerra

Mompreneur Spotlight: Celebrity Chef Melissa Guerra

Melissa Guerra is a celebrity chef, cookbook author, and owner of an award-winning Latin American culinary store in San Antonio. If you’re looking for the best pan de polvo recipe or an authentic mortar and pestle hecho en Mexico, Guerra’s got you covered. And if you want to know the quickest route from the dusty [...]

Hard Core: Getting Wii Fit with Daisy Fuentes Pilates

Hard Core: Getting Wii Fit with Daisy Fuentes Pilates

When I was in college, there was a popular infomercial that came on at all hours of the night. Daisy Fuentes was the host, promoting a workout that I had never heard of—something called Mari Winsor Pilates. My roommate, Megan, and I used to watch it as we ate Haagen Dazs (Dulce de Leche for [...]

Six Standout Fashion Moments of 2011: Who, Where, and What they Wore


When it comes to fashion, Latinas know how to make a statement. And in 2011, the statements by Latina moms were bold, beautiful, and sooo not boring. We searched back in our memory bank and selected our six favorite fashion moments of the year. In order of appearance, beginning with the most recent show-stopping moment…  [...]

6 Tips to Squeeze in a Workout During the Holidays

Six Ways to Squeeze in Your Workout

Squeezing in a workout during the holidays may be the last thing on your mind, but it should be your top priority! As the year winds down, the social functions wind up and you have a list a mile long of parties and charity functions to attend, entertain family and friends and whatever else the [...]

Best New Latin Restaurants

Best New Latin Restaurants

Here is a list of the best new Latin restaurants to try in the new year. For nearly three decades, Esquire Magazine’s John Mariani has published a list of the best new restaurants of the year. Each November it is highly anticipated amongst foodies and restaurateurs alike. This year, he remarks on the proliferation of [...]

Celebrating Flan: A History of the Beloved Latin Dessert (Plus 4 Great Flan Recipes)

Celebrating Flan

While many consider flan the quintessential Latin-American dessert, the first flan recipes actually hail from Ancient Rome, nearly two thousand years ago. The Romans were the first to domesticate chickens, and needed ways to use up this egg surplus. Borrowing a bit of cooking wisdom from their Greek neighbors, they created new egg-based recipes, including [...]

Tips to Travel With Kids

Traveling With Kids? Tips for a Smoother Trip

Traveling with kids is an adventures. Here are my tips to travel with them. In America, there are two classes of travel: First class, and with children. —Robert Benchley “When you have a baby, your family should be obligated to come to you for the holidays. It should be a rule,” my friend Lucy tells [...]

Latina Celebs Who Love to Give Back and How You Can Help

Latina Celebs Who Love to Give Back and How You Can Help

Many Latina Celebs love to give back, especially during the holidays! I can promise you that women working together—linked, informed and educated—can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet. —Isabel Allende The holiday season is a time of peace on earth and good will toward (wo)men, or so the old hymn says. Yet, this can [...]

Holiday Movies and TV Specials for The Whole Family

Children's Christmas Classics

Are you looking for holiday movies and TV shows for the family? Would it really be Christmas without viewing at least part of the TBS A Christmas Story marathon? Or the imperfectly perfect A Charlie Brown Christmas? For many holiday revelers, classic children’s Christmas movies that feature favorite iconic characters like Rudolph and Frosty invoke warm [...]

LatinBag: A Latino Food Website is Born

Constant Cravings

LatinBag is a new Latino food website you need to know about! By day, Melissa Berthier works for the DC Metro System. By night, she devotes her time to, a company she founded with her husband, Alfonso. is the only website that strives to house all Latin food favorites in one place. They [...]