5 Perfect Gifts for Mom This Christmas and Anytime

5 Perfect Gifts for Mom This Christmas and Anytime-MainPhoto
The perfect Christmas gifts for moms, in my opinion, don´t cost a lot of money. But they take some thought and a little effort. Cooking dinner for the busy mom in your life and taking it over to her, babysitting your best friend´s kids so she can go on a date, or mailing a hand-written letter to your mom or abuelita, all show that you love, understand and appreciate the recipient.

On the other hand, it´s also fun and uplifting to open a stocking-stuffer that fits your needs exactly. Here are a few findings that you may want to add to your list this year:

5 Perfect Gifts for Mom This Christmas and AnytimeFor the Fitness-Crazed Mom
Sweat in your eyes is a drag, and cotton bandanas just don´t do the trick. Bondiband sells the best headband that I´ve ever come across. It not only absorbs sweat, but wicks it away from your forehead, which keeps you fresh. Plus it is stylish and available in all sorts of colors and with fun sayings, such as Will run for chocolate or Runner mom. These are $8 a pop, and they´re always running promotions on the website, where you can buy 3 or 5 for a lower individual price. I highly recommend them!

5 Perfect Gifts for Mom This Christmas and AnytimeFor the Runner Mom
Keeping hydrated is a priority when running long distances. The Fuel Belt is ideal, since you can carry your water around your waist, leaving your hands free while you run. It also has a pocket for keys or energy gels. I’ve been using this for months now, while I trained for a half-marathon and I even wore it on race day. I was able to avoid the crowded water stations for most of the run. Shop around, since some stores carry it for less than the recommended retail price.

5 Perfect Gifts for Mom This Christmas and AnytimeFor the Analog Mom
Some of us just cannot manage to keep an electronic calendar! For the mom in your life who still loves the smell and feel of paper and prefers jotting down ideas and dates to keying them into her Smartphone, Moleskine offers a wide variety of notebooks and planners. It is said that Hemingway and other writers kept notes in their Moleskines, so for idealists and pen and paper lovers, this is a practical and thoughtful gift.

5 Perfect Gifts for Mom This Christmas and AnytimeFor the Super Mom
What mom doesn´t like to wear the names of her kids on a piece of jewelry? I have a sterling silver ring engraved with the names of my daughters, by NelleandLizzy, that my kids love to admire and my mom friends ask me about all the time. It was a Christmas present to myself a few years ago, and it´s the only piece of jewelry I never take off. The quality is impeccable and it comes in a beautiful box filled with lavender seeds. Now Nelle & Lizzy also carry charm bracelets and necklaces that can be personalized with names, dates or meaningful inscriptions. You’ll want to order in time for Christmas delivery.

5 Perfect Gifts for Mom This Christmas and AnytimeFor the Tired Mom
So this would be all of us! Aromatherapy is a wonderful thing. Origins Ginger Treats includes a bubble bath, body scrub and body cream in an energizing scent. Origins is known for its natural high quality beauty and body care products. This set is already gift-wrapped and won´t break the bank. Save it for the special someone you know really needs a pick-me-up. Don´t worry about not being original! For the longest time I wished someone would give me toiletries for special occasions. Finally, someone did and I was one happy lady!

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